Dirty Water

Victoria’s dressed up and ready to go out for the evening but doersn’t want to come home to a sink full of dirty dishes. She gets to the sink only to realize the sink is clogged with some of the most vile water she has ever seem. She reaches for a wash cloth and knocks her favorite lucky bracelet into the nasty water. She is pissed as she lets out a string of unlady like words as she searches fo her yellow rubber cleaning gloves to fish the bracelet out of the nasty water. Come watch as she slips them on and starts searching frantically in the mucky water but it’s proving alot harder to find the bracelet in the deep sink…. Great wide and close-ups of her wearing her, yellow rubber gloves as she searchs frantically in the most nasty water you’ll probably ever see…. (Video shot in high quality 720X480 size

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