I’m a crazy rich person…you have many money. My friend is a very beggar mendicant,and she dont have money for baby food. She and baby come in my house and she hope i help and give money for eat. I’m crazy and sadistic lady. I humiliate my friend for give her money. she and baby need smell and sniff my slipper for have little money. I smile and humiliate my friend and give her one penny for eat. She think now baby and she can go eat,but i don’t want she go out from my house with money because i love my money. Now i want the mendicant and i take off 1 slipper and choke her and smile crazy. I have black leather gloves i smother her with plastic bag and with wire When she finish the oxigen she i very happy and dance like crazy. Now i want the baby Before i humiliate and spit and lick in baby face, afther i smother him with my big feet, him can’t breathe bicause my big feet around his small face. When you have finish my work i very happy and i’m dance like crazy.

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